Goosle A Meta Search Engine with Privacy and Ease of Use in Mind
Goosle A Meta Search Engine with Privacy and Ease of Use in Mind

Goosle: A Meta Search Engine with Privacy and Ease of Use in Mind

A fast, privacy oriented meta search engine that just works. Kept simple so everyone can use it and to make sure it works on most (basic) webservers.

Host for yourself and friends, with a access hash key. Or set up a public search website.

After-all, finding things should be easy and not turn into a chore.

Goosle main interface
Goosle main interface


  • Search on DuckDuckGo
  • Search on
  • Image search through Qwant
  • Search for magnet links on popular Torrent sites
  • Special searches for; Currency conversion, Dictionary, Wikipedia and
  • Instant password generator on the home page
  • Randomized user-agents for to prevent profiling by search providers
  • Works on any hosting package that does PHP7.4 or newer
  • Optional: Access key as a very basic way to keep your server to yourself
  • Optional: Speed up repeat searches with APCu cache if your server has it

What Goosle does not have.

  • Trackers and Cookies
  • User profiles or user controllable settings
  • Javascripts or Frameworks

And yet it just works…


Goosle with torrent search
Goosle with torrent search
Goosle with DuckDuckGo search
Goosle with DuckDuckGo search



Any basic webserver/webhosting package with PHP7.4 or newer. Tested to work on Apache with PHP8.2.

  1. Unzip the download.
  2. Edit the config.php file with your preferences.
  3. Upload all files to your webserver, for example to the root folder of a subdomain (eg. or a sub-folder on your main site (eg.
  4. Rename goosle.htaccess to .htaccess
  5. Load the site in your browser. If you’ve enabled the access hash add ?a=YOURHASH to the url.
  6. Let me know where you installed Goosle 🙂


  • The .htaccess file has a redirect to force HTTPS as well as browser caching instructions ready to go.
  • The robots.txt has a rule to prevent all crawlers from crawling Goosle. But keep in mind that not every crawler obeys this file.
  • The access hash is NOT meant as a super secure measure and only works for surface level prying eyes.

Have fun finding things!


Goosle started as a fork of LibreY, and ended up as a rewrite and something different completely. While the code structure remains largely the same, most functions have been rewritten or altered to work as I need it to. Search results take design cues from DuckDuckGo and the torrent search has been modified to show more useful information where possible. Goosle does not index, store or distribute torrent files. If you like, or found a use for, what you downloaded, you should probably buy a legal copy of it.

The name Goosle is the last name of author with an L added in. Translate it from Dutch. Not in any way a derivation of Google and DuckDuckGo combined.

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