Investigo Find Usernames and Download their Data
Investigo Find Usernames and Download their Data

Investigo: Find Usernames and Download their Data Across Social Media

Investigo is a command-line tool written in Go to investigate usernames and download their data on social media.

Demo of Investigo
Demo of Investigo


Download Windows Binary

You can download the binary for Windows.


Note that the frequency of update of release is too slow.

$ investigo.exe -h

Build from source

To compile investigo, Go 1.12 or higher is required.

$ git clone
$ cd investigo
$ go build

Build with docker

If you don’t have Docker/Docker-Compose check Setup Docker section

Docker: macOS, Linux

Docker Compose: Linux

Investigo (standalone mode, no screenshots)

Example with docker

$ docker run x0rzkov/investigo:latest investigo USERNAME

Example with docker-compose

$ docker-compose run investigo investigo USERNAME

Investigo (headless chromium mode, with screenshots)

Example run with docker

$ docker run -v $(pwd)/data:/screenshots x0rzkov/investigo-chromium:latest -s USERNAME

Example run with docker-compose

$ docker-compose run investigo-chromium -s USERNAME


$ investigo -h
Investigo - Investigate User Across Social Networks.

usage: investigo USERNAME [USERNAMES...] flags options
perform test: investigo [--test]

positional arguments:
        USERNAMES             one or more usernames to investigate

        -h, --help            show this help message and exit
        --no-color            disable colored stdout output
        --update              update database before run from Sherlock repository
        -t, --tor             use tor proxy
        -s, --screenshot      take a screenshot of each matched urls
        -v, --verbose         verbose output
        -d, --download        download the contents of site if available

        --database DATABASE   use custom database
        --site SITE           specific site to investigate

Addding/Fixing site

Investigo is compatible with Sherlock database.

To add sites…

To add sites to Investigo, make a Pull Request to Sherlock project. Whenever the Sherlock repository updates, the Investigo database will update automatically!

If you want to add prohibited sites for Sherlock, make an issue or a Pull Request to this repository!

To fix incompatible sites…

Make an issue here to let Sherlock developers know.

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