kitsune Extensive Hacking and Pentesting Framework
kitsune Extensive Hacking and Pentesting Framework

kitsune: Extensive Hacking and Pentesting Framework

[!] I’m still working on this project and am long ways of finishing, but just wanted to upload the code to git cuz why not?

A hacking & pentesting framework/toolkit utilizing the best tools for a wide range of different tasks as well as custom scripts and programs coded by me. Please check out the wiki for full guides on using the various modules.

Kitsune Screenshot
Kitsune Screenshot

Info Gathering


efficient and quick footprinting/crawling of websites with Photon Crawler module.

  • Cloning websites locally
  • Selecting level of depth of crawling
  • Selecting number of threads
  • Selecting delay (in seconds) between each HTTP request
  • Fetch archived URLs using Wayback
  • Automatically looks for auth or API keys/hashes
  • Option to choose either csv or json format to save data


  • ordinary Nmap recon scanning
  • Nmap Shodan API Scanning
    • Utilizes Nmap’s Shodan NSE script
  • anonymous scanning with automated “burnable” DigitalOcean droplet deployment + nmap + tor
    • very secure aggressive scanning method! (used by the pro bad guys lol)
    • Automates droplet spinup and utilizes tor to avoid correlation attacks
    • Sets up nmap scanning automatically so you only need to input target URL/IP
    • Automatically “burns” the droplet after scanning is finished
  • GitHub repo secrets scanning with truffleHog
    • Goes through entire commit history of each branch
    • Check each diff from each branch
    • Checked through utilizing regex and entropy
    • Evaluates Shannon entropy for both the base64 char set and hexidecimal char set
    • Custom regexes for things like subdomain enumeration and s3 bucket detection


  • facial recognition search module
    • With 1 pic and a name, you can search the internet for any SNS profiles.
    • Modified EagleEye with better facial recognition algorithm and support for around 75 sites.
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kitsune (this link opens in a new window) by rai0x90 (this link opens in a new window)

extensive hacking and pen testing framework with lots of modules, custom tools, and custom scripts. HEADS UP: This project is still incomplete