NetAlertX WIFI / LAN Intruder Detector
NetAlertX WIFI / LAN Intruder Detector

NetAlertX: WIFI / LAN Intruder Detector

Get visibility of what’s going on on your WIFI/LAN network. Schedule scans for devices, port changes and get alerts if unknown devices or changes are found. Write your own Plugins with auto-generated UI and in-build notification system. Build out and easily maintain your network source of truth (NSoT).

Why use NetAlertx?

NetAlertx Network Section
NetAlertx Network Section

Most of us don’t know what’s going on on our home network, but we want our family and data to be safe. Command-line tools are great, but the output can be hard to understand and action if you are not a network specialist.

Net Alertx gives you peace of mind. Visualize and immediately report 📬 what is going on in your network – this is the first step to enhance your network security 🔐.

Net Alertx combines several network and other scanning tools 🔍 with notifications 📧 into one user-friendly package 📦.


Set up a kill switch ☠ for your network via a smart plug with the available Home Assistant integration. Implement custom automations with the CSV device Exports 📤, Webhooks, or API endpoints features.

Extend the app if you want to create your own scanner Plugin and handle the results and notifications in Net Alertx.

Scan Methods, Notifications, Integration, Extension System

NetAlertx Device Details
NetAlertx Device Details
🔍The app scans your network for, New devicesNew connections (re-connections), Disconnections“Always Connected” devices down, Devices IP changes and Internet IP address changes. Discovery & scan methods include: arp-scanPi-hole – DB importPi-hole – DHCP leases importGeneric DHCP leases importUNIFI controller importSNMP-enabled router import. Check the Plugins docs for more info on individual scans.
📧Send notifications to more than 80+ services, including Telegram via Apprise, or use PushsaferPushover, or NTFY.
🧩Feed your data and device changes into Home Assistant, read API endpoints, or use Webhooks to setup custom automation flows.
Build your own scanners with the Plugin system

Installation & Documentation

📥🐳Docker instructions
📥💻HW install (experimental 🧪)
📥🟧Unraid App
📚All Documentation (App Usage and Configuration)

Other Alternatives

  • Check out leiweibau’s on HW installed fork (maintained)
  • WatchYourLAN – Lightweight network IP scanner with web GUI (Open source)
  • Fing – Network scanner app for your Internet security (Commercial, Phone App, Proprietary hardware)
  • NetBox – Network management software (Commercial)