OctopusWAF WAF (Web Application Firewall) with High Performance
OctopusWAF WAF (Web Application Firewall) with High Performance

OctopusWAF: WAF (Web Application Firewall) with High Performance

OctopusWAF is an open-source Web application firewall entirely created in C language that uses libevent to make multiple connections. 

The event-driven architecture is optimized for many parallel connections (keep-alive), vital for high-performance AJAX applications. This tool is very light. You can deploy in any, please. This resource turns perfect for protecting specific endpoints that need custom protection.

OctopusWAF user interface
OctopusWAF user interface

Tool features

  • Reverse proxy function.
  • Detect anomaly using regex using lib PCRE resources.
  • Detect security anomaly using algorithms for match string like DFA, horspool or karp-rabin.
  • Detect security anomaly using libinjection.
  • Options to save log.

Video demo

First step

Install libpcre or libpcre-dev with apt. If you use RPM-based distro, search the name pcre-devel package, on BSD systems search in ports or brew(MacOS)… You Need libevent-dev to run; on RPM distros libevent-devel, you need to install OpenSSL-dev and OpenSSL-devel.

Example in debian based:

$ sudo apt install libssl-dev libevent-dev libpcre3-dev make gcc

To compile and run OctopusWAF, follow these commands:

$ git clone https://github.com/CoolerVoid/OctopusWAF
$ cd OctopusWAF; make
# if you need to see options try the following
$ bin/OctopusWAF

The example tested on DVWA on a simple HTTP channel.

$ bin/OctopusWAF -h -r --debug --libinjection-sqli --log results_log.txt

Note you can use pcre, horspool, and libinjection mode protections simultaneously.

Open your browser in, and you can test the block when you attack.
  • Notes: Don’t execute with “cd bin; ./OctopusWAF” use full path “bin/OctopusWAF” because binary needs load content in the config directory. Use HTTP only for WAF usage. This version 0.1 runs TLS but doesn’t have a resource to load cert and read TLS requests/responses. If you use TLS, the service can lose the WAF function and work a reverse proxy.

Tested on Linux but can run in FreeBSD.

Code overview

Language                     files          blank        comment           code
C/C++ Header                    14            133            270           9977
C                               13            591            798           2625
make                             2             14              3             52
Markdown                         1             34              0             52
SUM:                            30            772           1071          12706

Future TODO

  • Resource to load modsec rules https://github.com/SpiderLabs/owasp-modsecurity-crs/
  • Resource to use NLP and try to classify payload to block using machine learning (KNN or naive Bayes)
  • Insert new regulations to detect XSS
  • Insert new rules to detect SQLi
  • Insert new rules to see RCE
  • Insert new rules to detect RFI/LFI
  • Insert new rules to detect XXE
  • Insert new rules to detect Anomalies.
  • Channel for TLS
  • Cert Load
  • Issues.


The purpose of this tool is to use in pentest, take attention if you have a proper authorization before to use that. I do not have responsibility for your actions. You can use a hammer to construct a house or destroy it, choose the law path, don’t be a bad guy, remember.

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OctopusWAF (this link opens in a new window) by CoolerVoid (this link opens in a new window)

OctopusWAF is a WAF( Web application firewall) with high performance, made in C language and use libevent.