Oralyzer Open Redirection Analyzer
Oralyzer Open Redirection Analyzer

Oralyzer: Open Redirection Analyzer

Oralyzer, a simple python script, capable of identifying the open redirection vulnerability in a website. It does that by fuzzing the url i.e. provided as the input.


Oralyzer can identify different types of Open Redirect Vulnerabilities:

  • Header Based
  • Javascript Based
  • Meta Tag Based

Oralyzer uses waybackurls to fetch URLs from archive.org, it then separates the URLs that have specific parameters in them, parameters that are more likely to be vulnerable.


Oralyzer is built with python3.6 and hence aforesaid version would be ideal for it’s smooth functioning.

$ git clone https://github.com/0xNanda/Oralyzer.git
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ go get github.com/tomnomnom/waybackurls


Usage Oralyzer
Usage Oralyzer

Upcoming Features

  •  Improved DOM XSS detection mechanism
  •  Test multiple parameters in one run
  •  Improved speed
  •  CRLF Injection Detection


This program is buggy and the only way it can be improved is by your contribution. And you can do that in following ways:

  • Create pull requests
  • Report bugs
  • Hit me up on Twitter with a new idea/feature