PCF Toolkit for Automating Routine Processes for Testing
PCF Toolkit for Automating Routine Processes for Testing

PCF: Toolkit for Automating Routine Processes for Testing

Opensource, cross-platform and portable toolkit for automating routine processes when carrying out various works for testing!

Pentest Collaboration Framework
Pentest Collaboration Framework


  • You can create private or team projects!
  • Team moderation.
  • Multiple tools integration support! Such as Nmap/Masscan, Nikto, Nessus and Acunetix!
  • Super-User-Friendly design.
  • Cross-platform, opensource & free!
  • Cloud deployment support.

PCF vs analogues

NOT deprecated!
Data export❌✅❌✅
Made for sec specialists, not managers
Report generation

Supported tools

Tool nameIntegration typeDescription
NmapImportImport XML results (ip, port, service type, service version, hostnames, os). Supported plugins: vulners
NessusImportImport .nessus results (ip, port, service type, security issues, os)
MasscanImportImport XML results (ip, port)
NiktoImportImport XML, CSV, JSON results (issue, ip, port)
AcunetixImportImport XML results (ip, port, issue)
Checkmarx SASTImportImport XML/CSV results (code info, issue)
Dependency-checkImportImport XML result (code issues)
BurpSuiteImport/ExtentionExtention for fast issue send from burpsuite.
ipwhoisScanScan hosts(s)/network(s) and save whois data
shodanScanScan hosts ang save info (ip, port, service).
HTTP-SnifferAdditionalCreate multiple http-sniffers for any project.

Fast Installation Guide


You need only Python3.

Windows / Linux / MacOS

  • Download project:
git clone https://gitlab.com/invuls/pentest-projects/pcf/
  • Go to folder:
cd pcf
  • Install deps (for unix-based systems):
pip3 install -r requirements_unix.txt
  • or windows:
pip.exe install -r requirements_windows.txt
  • Run initiation script:
python3 new_initiation.py
  • Edit configuration:
nano configuration/settings.ini
  • Run
python3 app.py


Deploy from our github repository: here


Build by yourself

  • Clone repository
git clone https://gitlab.com/invuls/pentest-projects/pcf
  • Go to folder:
cd pcf
  • Run docker-compose:
docker-compose up
  • and go to URL


Default port (check config): 5000 Default ip (if run at localhost):

  1. Register at http(s)://<ip>:<port>/register
  2. Login at http(s)://<ip>:<port>/login
  3. Create team (if need) at http(s)://<ip>:<port>/create_team
  4. Create project at http(s)://<ip>:<port>/new_project
  5. Enjoy your hacking process!

API information: here


Team Info
Team Info
SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate
Chats Team
Chats Team


Default settings

This program, by default, uses 5000 port and allows everyone to register and use it, so you need to set correct firewall & network rules.

Initiation logic

Careful with new_initiation script! It makes some important changes with filesystem:

  1. Renames database /configuration/database.sqlite3
  2. Regenerates SSL certificates
  3. Regenerates session key.
  4. Creates new empty /configuration/database.sqlite3 database
  5. Creates /tmp_storage/ folder

If you have any feature suggestions or bugs, leave a GitLab issue.