Rekono Automate Execution of Pentesting Processes
Rekono Automate Execution of Pentesting Processes

Rekono: Automate Execution of Pentesting Processes

Rekono combines other hacking tools and its results to execute complete pentesting processes against a target in an automated way.

The findings obtained during the executions will be sent to the user via email or Telegram notifications and also can be imported in Defect-Dojo if an advanced vulnerability management is needed.

Moreover, Rekono includes a Telegram bot that can be used to perform executions easily from anywhere and using any device.


  • Combine hacking tools to create pentesting processes
  • Execute pentesting processes
  • Execute pentesting tools
  • Review findings and receive them via email or Telegram notifications
  • Use Defect-Dojo integration to import the findings detected by Rekono
  • Execute tools and processes from Telegram Bot
  • Wordlists management

Why Rekono?

Do you ever think about the steps that you follow when start a pentesting? Probably you start performing some OSINT tasks to gather public information about the target. Then, maybe you run hosts discovery and ports enumeration tools. When you know what the target exposes, you can execute more specific tools for each service, to get more information and maybe, some vulnerabilities. And finally, if you find the needed information, you will look for a public exploit to get you into the target machine. I know, I know, this is an utopic scenario, and in the most cases the vulnerabilities are found due to the pentester skills and not by scanning tools. But before using your skills, how many time do you spend trying to get as information as possible with hacking tools? Probably, too much.

Why not automate this process and focus on find vulnerabilities using your skills and the information that Rekono sends you?


The Rekono name comes from the Esperanto language where it means recon.


Telegram Bot

Supported tools



Execute the following commands in the root directory of the project:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

If you need more than one tool running at the same time, you can set the number of executions-worker instances:

docker-compose up -d --scale executions-worker=5

Go to

You can check the details in the Docker documentation. Specially, the initial user documentation

Using Rekono CLI

If your system is Linux, you can use rekono-cli to install Rekono in your system:

pip3 install rekono-cli
rekono install

After that, you can manage the Rekono services using the following commands:

rekono services start
rekono services stop
rekono services restart

Go to


Only for Linux environments. Docker is advised. Only use that for local and personal usage.

Check the configuration options in Rekono Wiki

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Execute full pentesting processes combining multiple hacking tools automatically