Sniffnet Comfortably Monitor your Internet Traffic
Sniffnet Comfortably Monitor your Internet Traffic

Sniffnet: Comfortably Monitor your Internet Traffic

Sniffnet is completely free, open-source software which needs lots of effort and time to develop and maintain.

If you appreciate Sniffnet, consider sponsoring: your support will allow me to dedicate more time to this project, constantly expanding it including new features and functionalities.

Interface Sniffnet
Interface Sniffnet
Sniffnet Overview
Sniffnet Overview
Sniffnet Inspect
Sniffnet Inspect
Sniffnet notifications
Sniffnet notifications


Links in the table above will download the latest version of Sniffnet directly from GitHub releases.



Remember to also install the required dependencies for your operating system.

Alternative installation methods are reported in the following:

  • from

Follow this method only if you have Rust installed on your machine.
In this case, the application binary can be built and installed with:

cargo install sniffnet
  • from Homebrew

You can install Sniffnet Homebrew package with:

brew install sniffnet
  • from Nixpkgs

You can install Sniffnet Nix package adding the following Nix code to your NixOS Configuration, usually located in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix:

environment.systemPackages = [

Alternatively, you can install it in your home using Home Manager with:

home.packages = [

Alternatively, you can try it in a shell with:

nix-shell -p sniffnet
  • on Arch Linux

You can install Sniffnet community package via pacman:

pacman -S sniffnet
  • on FreeBSD

You can install Sniffnet port with:

pkg install sniffnet
  • on NetBSD

You can install Sniffnet from the official repositories via pkgin:

pkgin install sniffnet
  • on Tiny Core Linux

You can install Sniffnet from the official repository with:

tce-load -wi sniffnet


  • 💻 choose a network adapter of your PC to inspect
  • 🏷️ select a set of filters to apply to the observed traffic
  • 📖 view overall statistics about your Internet traffic
  • 📈 view real-time charts about traffic intensity
  • 📌 keep an eye on your network even when the application is minimized
  • 📁 export comprehensive capture reports as PCAP files
  • 🔎 identify 6000+ upper layer services, protocols, trojans, and worms
  • 🌐 find out domain name and ASN of the hosts you are exchanging traffic with
  • 🏠 identify connections in your local network
  • 🌍 get information about the country of remote hosts (IP geolocation)
  • ⭐ save your favorite network hosts
  • 🕵️‍♂️ search and inspect each of your network connections in real time
  • 🔉 set custom notifications to inform you when defined network events occur
  • 🎨 choose the style that fits you the most, including custom themes support
  • …and more!

User Manual

Do you want to learn more?

Check out the Sniffnet Wiki, a comprehensive manual to help you thoroughly master the application from a basic setup to the most advanced functionalities.

The Wiki includes step-by-step guides, tips, examples of usage, and answers to frequent questions.