Tactical RMM A Remote Monitoring & Management Tool
Tactical RMM A Remote Monitoring & Management Tool

Tactical RMM: A Remote Monitoring & Management Tool

Tactical RMM is a remote monitoring & management tool, built with Django and Vue. It uses an agent written in golang and integrates with MeshCentral.

Screenshot of Tactical RMM usage
Screenshot of Tactical RMM usage


  • Teamviewer-like remote desktop control
  • Real-time remote shell
  • Remote file browser (download and upload files)
  • Remote command and script execution (batch, powershell and python scripts)
  • Event log viewer
  • Services management
  • Windows patch management
  • Automated checks with email/SMS alerting (cpu, disk, memory, services, scripts, event logs)
  • Automated task runner (run scripts on a schedule)
  • Remote software installation via chocolatey
  • Software and hardware inventory

Windows agent versions supported

  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11, Server 2008R2, 2012R2, 2016, 2019, 2022

Linux agent versions supported

  • Any distro with systemd

RMM Server Installation

There’s pluses and minuses to each install type. Be aware that:

  • There is no migration script, once you’ve installed with one type there is no “conversion”. You’ll be installing a new server and migrating agents manually if you decide to go another way.

Debian vs Ubuntu

Base RAM UsageOS
80MBClean install of Debian
300MBClean install of Ubuntu

Traditional Install

  • It’s a VM/machine. One storage device to backup if you want to do VM based backups
  • You have a backup and restore script
  • Much easier to troubleshoot when things go wrong
  • Faster performance / easier to fine tune and customize to your needs

Docker Install

  • Docker is more complicated in concept: has volumes and images
  • Backup/restore is via Docker methods only
  • Docker has container replication/mirroring options for redundancy/multiple servers


Is Tactical RMM vulnerable to Log4j


Who is Amidaware LLC?

The Legal entity behind Tactical RMM

How do I do X feature in the web UI?

A lot of features in the web UI are hidden behind right-click menus; almost everything has a right click menu so if you don’t see something, try right clicking on it.

Why can’t I use a self signed certificate for web etc.

NATS over TLS needs a real certificate signed with a trusted root certificate.

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