WinPyLogger A Keylogger in Python onl for Windows
WinPyLogger A Keylogger in Python onl for Windows

WinPyLogger: A Keylogger in Python onl for Windows

WinPyLogger is a keylogger made in purely python for only for Windows.

To get started:

First clone WinPyLogger repository, type:

git clone

Then change your directory to WinPyLogger:

cd WinPyLogger

Then type:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Enable less secure apps option in your google account settings:

Enable less secure apps
Enable less secure apps

Next set your frequency of email, Email Address and Password in the file, line 11:


To start the keylogger type:


It will show you all other commands within it.

If you want to select an icon of your own for your executable, choose ‘no’ when it asks you and type the path of the image. The image should be in ico format. You can use this website for converting your image to .ico format – ico converter

After the file is generated, it will be saved in the dist folder. You can delete all other extra files and folders such as build and .specs if you don’t want them.

Right now, the keylogger can only be stopped from the target machine. If you have got some way to stop it from the user machine or want to give any suggestions, DM me on Instagram.

To stop the keylogger, open taskmanager on the target machine and stop the exe file.


This can be operated from any OS. But the target machine should be Windows.
If you are using Linux, use python 3.6

Virus detection report:

VirusTotal report
VirusTotal report

Any problems, open an issue.


The developer is not resposible for any harm with this