WordSmith Password Cracking RAR and ZIP Files
WordSmith Password Cracking RAR and ZIP Files

WordSmith: Password Cracking RAR and ZIP Files

Password cracking software written in python using Tkinter. Supports rar and zip files.

Password Cracking is a method of recovering passwords to encrypted data. It is a legal way to gain access to information. Password cracking has become a very popular activity among security researchers and computer forensics. Using a password cracking software to recover a password can be faster and more efficient than traditional methods of password recovery.

WordSmith: A password cracking tool written in Python’s standard GUI package, Tkinter.


This software is not to be used for malicious purposes. I made this for educational purposes and to improve my experience with the Python Standard Library.


If you do not have Python 3.7+, you can download it here.

In the terminal navigate to the project directory and type:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

This will install the dependencies of the program. Once the program is installed you can run the program directly from WordSmith.py

python WordSmith.py
Installation an Use
Installation an Use

Couldn’t find path to unrar library

  1. First go to the official RARLab to download the library file (here), then install;
  2. It is best to choose the default path for installation, generally in the C:\Program Files (x86)\UnrarDLL\ directory;
  3. Then the important step is to add environment variables. Right-click on this computer (My Computer), find properties, find Advanced System Settings, click Environment Variables under the Advanced tab, and create new in the system variables (not user variables), and enter the variable name UNRAR_LIB_PATH.

Must be exactly the same, pay special attention to variable values! If you are a 64-bit system, enter

C:\Program Files (x86)\UnrarDLL\x64\UnRAR64.dll

If it is a 32-bit system, enter

C:\Program Files (x86)\UnrarDLL\UnRAR.dll


  • Supports password cracking on .zip and .rar files.
  • Users can choose to crack files individually or crack folders with the optional choice of cracking the folder’s subfolders.

WordSmith will traverse through the files of a folder and determine whether they are password protected or not. In the event that they are password protected it will then attempt to crack the files using a provided dictionary list. Lastly, WordSmith will stored all extracted files to a provided path and it will store a text document that contains password/user pairs.

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WordSmith (this link opens in a new window) by RamonWill (this link opens in a new window)

Password cracking software written in python using Tkinter. Supports rar and zip files.