X-toolkit Advanced Reconnaissance Tool
X-toolkit Advanced Reconnaissance Tool

X-toolkit: Advanced Reconnaissance Tool

X-toolkit is the ultimate tool to conveniently carry out the reconnaissance of your target and discover its attacking surface. The tool itself comes with two options for installation. First is the API mode, that is based on hackertarget API making it light and efficient and can be used for the identification of potential vulnerabilities. However, the API is the free one so the scans are limited to 100 calls per day per IP. So either you can use proxy to change your public IP after API counter exceedes, or you can go with the second mode of this tool, which uses the best OSINT tools available on github, making this a beast for doing reconnaissance.

X-toolkit Usage Menu
X-toolkit Usage Menu


$ apt update && apt upgrade
$ pkg install git -y
$ git clone https://github.com/Whomrx666/X-toolkit
$ cd X-toolkit 
$ chmod +x install.sh
$ bash install.sh
$ chmod +x X-toolkit.sh
$ bash X-toolkit.sh


  • First: You must install the tools according to the instructions above
  • Second: After that, select one of the tools on the list according to the test you want to try
  • Third: After that, enter the domain as requested by the tool
  • Last: And yes you can do testing to carry out an initial attack