r4ven Track the IP Address and GPS Location of the User's Smartphone or PC
r4ven Track the IP Address and GPS Location of the User's Smartphone or PC

r4ven: Track the IP Address and GPS Location of the User’s Smartphone or PC

The tool hosts a fake website which uses an iframe to display a legit website and, if the target allows it, it will fetch the Gps location (latitude and longitude) of the target, capture multiple pictures of the target along with IP Address and Device Information.

This tool is a Proof of Concept and is for Educational Purposes Only.

Using this tool, you can find out what information a malicious website can gather about you and your devices and why you shouldn’t click on random links or grant permissions like Location to them.

User interface of R4ven
User interface of R4ven

Key Features

  • IP address and geographic location tracking
  • Collection of device system information
  • Capturing images from the device’s camera
  • Integration with Discord for data presentation
  • User interaction for location permission
  • Display of a website through an embedded iframe
  • Regular interval-based data collection
  • Access to and upload webcam images
  • Formatting and presentation of data in Discord messages
  • Links to Google Maps and Google Earth based on location
  • Error handling for denied location permission
  • User feedback and error messages

On the link click

  • It will automatically fetch the IP address and device information
  • If location permission is allowed, it will fetch the exact location of the target.
  • If camera permission is allowed, it will capture non-stop from the front camera.


  • Make sure you port forward else it will not work on the smartphone’s browser
  • Most browsers auto block extra permissions for ip based URL. so port forward
  • It will not work on laptops or phones that have no GPS or no Camera,
    • browsers that block javascript,
    • or if the target is mocking the GPS location.
    • or if a target is using VPN or spoofing IP
  • Some browsers auto block location permission like(Brave, Safari etc)
  • Best work with Chrome browser
  • Location accuracy will be more accurate if you use this on a smartphone.

IP location VS. GPS location

Localization with r4ven
Localization with r4ven
  • Geographic location based on IP address is NOT accurate,
  • Does not provide the location of the target.
  • Instead, it provides the approximate location of the ISP (Internet service provider)
  • GPS fetch almost exact location because it uses longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • Once location permission is granted
    • Accurate location information is received to within 20 to 30 meters of the user’s location.
    • (it’s almost the exact location)


git clone https://github.com/spyboy-productions/r4ven.git
cd r4ven
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 r4ven.py

NOTE: If you’re not going to use localhost (

Please modify this (index.html) line with the URL you wish to use.

203          xhr.open('POST', '', true);


Please use the -t flag to choose a different URL.

Use the following command to make r4ven executable:

chmod +x r4ven.py
python3 r4ven.py [-t target] [-p port]

Example: python3 r4ven.py -t https://replit.com/myproject/images -p 8080

r4ven in action
r4ven in action

Download r4ven